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Top 10 Reasons to Quit

Top 10 Reasons to Quit Smoking

Each person’s reason for quitting smoking is likely slightly different, but quitting smoking has a number of advantages and benefits that anyone can appreciate. If you want a reason for why you should quit smoking, we have ten! Here is our list of the top ten reasons why you should quit smoking:

  1. Your heart is asking for it. Smoking increases your chances of heart disease and heart attack by narrowing blood vessels and clogging arteries. If you want your heart to last you a lifetime, you must stop smoking to give it a fighting chance.
  2. Your lungs are gasping for it. One of the biggest side effects of smoking is difficulty taking a deep breath or easy breathing when performing mild activities. A cigarette’s chemical-filled smoke is immediately taken into the lungs, making the lungs susceptible to a number of diseases, as well as cancer. Quitting smoking allow smokers to breathe easier and allow the lungs to begin repairing themselves.
  3. You can look younger – Smoking does damage to the inside of your body, but the outside of your body show signs of smoking damage, as well, in the form of yellow or sallow skin and deep lines. Quitting smoking allows your skin to absorb the oxygen it is craving, thereby bringing back a healthy complexion and skin brightness and firmness.
  4. You will have more energy – We all want to have plenty of energy to be able to do the things we enjoy most in life, but cigarettes deprive our bodies of oxygen, which zaps our energy. Many smokers experience a surge in their energy levels in just weeks after dropping the habit.
  5. Your family will thank you for it – Smoking around family members, including your spouse and children, is not only annoying and irritating, it is bad for their health, too. Many studies have shown that children who are exposed to cigarette smoke are much more likely to develop asthma and colds, while non-smoking adults who are exposed to smoke are at a greater risk of developing cancer and other smoking-related illnesses.
  6. Your family loves you – Your family and other loved ones want you around for a long time. Quitting smoking shows them you care about them and you care about yourself!
  7. Your home will smell better – A smoker who lights up in a house can be sure the house will smell badly. And cigarette smells stick around for some time, as well. A fresh-smelling home is much more pleasant, and guests are sure to appreciate a smoke-free home, too!
  8. You will smell better – Smokers are known for having foul-smelling hair, clothing and breath, which is quite offensive to some people. Freshen up your act and stop smoking so those close to you smell that new fragrance you just bought; not the cigarette you just smoked!
  9. You will look better – Smoking often comes with yellow teeth and yellow fingers, both of which, most can say, are not very attractive. Quit smoking and flash those pearly whites for all to see!
  10. You deserve to be happy, healthy and free of your addiction to cigarettes. You are worth it!

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