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Dealing With Relapses

Dealing With Relapses While You’re Trying To Quit Tobacco Cigarettes

Relapses are common among people who are trying to give up tobacco cigarettes. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control confirm that most smokers make multiple attempts before they stop smoking for good. These are some strategies for managing relapses and persevering until you succeed in becoming smoke free.

Consider a different method: You may be able to quit all on your own without any treatment, but there are a huge number of alternative options available today if you need them. Talk with your doctor or your state health department. They can explain a wide range of proven treatments including nicotine replacement products and medications, as well as counseling and support groups.

Choose a different time: You may have made quitting cigarettes your New Year’s resolution and then found yourself lighting up before January was even over. It could be that the post-holiday doldrums or bleak winter weather aren’t the right conditions for you. Give yourself another chance at a less stressful time of year.

Revisit your motivation: Your friends and family may have good intentions when they pressure you to give up tobacco. Still, if they’re less than tactful, those remarks can do more harm than good. In any case, you need to feel the desire within yourself so review the many good reasons to quit like lowering your chances of heart disease and lung cancer and having more years to spend with your loved ones.

Celebrate your progress: Don’t think of your relapse as a failure. Instead, add up the amount of time you did manage to stop smoking. View that as a practice session for your future permanent victory over tobacco.

Quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do for your health so keep at it regardless of any setbacks. There are many different methods for quitting, and you will succeed once you find the one that works for you.


One response to “Dealing With Relapses

  1. Paul says:

    Back to square one after 2 weeks smoke free… SO PISSED!!!!!!!!!!

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