Quit Smoking Timeline – Benefits & Advice

Improve your Health and Wallet

Benefits on a Timeline

Smoking is detrimental to your health. It is responsible for hundreds of thousands of death each year, and the health consequences of smoking are vast and quite serious. Luckily, there are many health benefits to quitting smoking; benefits that can be identified minutes after you drop that last cigarette!

The Quit Smoking Timeline below letโ€™s you preview the health benefits and money savings of quitting smoking. It is important to understand that your body can heal and your health will improve. And letโ€™s not forgot about the financial benefit of saving lots of money.

ย  Time Your Health Benefits Savings *
20 Minutes
  • Various biometric measures will return to normal: blood pressure, pulse rate, temperature of hands and feet.

Within 20 minutes of smoking your last cigarette, your body begins to sigh with relief. This is because your blood pressure immediately begins to drop, along with your pulse rate. The temperature in your hands and feet begins to increase because your body’s circulatory system is working better now, so if you are a smoker with perpetually cold hands and feet, you should begin to notice the health benefits of quitting smoking quite quickly.

8-12 Hours
  • Carbon monoxide and Oxygen levels in your blood will return to normal.
  • Nicotine levels in your blood will drop dramatically.
  • Damages start to reverse.

Within a few hours of quitting smoking, your blood is feeling the effects. Levels of carbon monoxide in your blood are dropping and wonderful oxygen is taking its place. Soon your blood stream will be considered normal. You may find that even taking a deep breath is easier.

24 Hours
  • Dramatically reduced risk of having a heart attack.

With a day of quitting smoking, your heart and lungs have already begun repairing themselves. Can you feel them thanking you already?

48 Hours
  • Your sense of smell and taste are starting to return towards normal.

Within two days of quitting smoking, your sense of smell is getting better, and you may notice that you can smell and taste better than when you were smoking. It may be time to stop and smell the roses!

2 Weeks to 3 Months
  • Lung function is beginning to improve.
  • Circulation has substantially improved.
  • Simply physical exercise such as walking is easier.
  • Chronic cough should be gone.

Within a couple weeks of quitting, your lungs are now working better, and you may notice that a casual stroll is easier and you don’t breathe as hard when you are exercising. In addition, the phlegm you typically produce as a result of smoking is decreasing, thereby decreasing your need to cough so much.

$42 – $270
1 to 9 Months
  • Overall increase of energy.
  • Lungs are increasing ability to clean and fight infections.

Have you noticed by now that your yellow teeth are fading, your hair and your clothes don’t smell, and the yellow stains on your fingers are gone? Have you also noticed that your home and car no longer smell of cigarettes, and that your breath is much fresher? Welcome to the world of non-smokers!

$30 – $810
1 Year
  • Over 50% reduction of risks related to heart disease.

After just one year of kicking the habit your risk of coronary heart disease has dropped to half that of a smoker! Your heart is really thanking you for your choices now!

More than 5 Years
  • Substantially reduced cancer risks.
  • Substantially reduces risks of coronary heart disease.

As each year passes, your risk of stroke is decreasing, and will continue to do so for many years.

$5,475 and up
After 10 Years
  • Risk of lung cancer dropped substantially.

After 10 years of quitting, your risk of lung cancer has dropped to half that of smokers. In addition, your rate of developing cancer of the mouth, the throat, the esophagus, the pancreas, the kidneys and the bladder has also decreased.

$10,950 and up
After 15 Years
  • Risk of coronary heart disease is the same as people who never smoked!

After 15 years of putting out your last cigarette, your risk of coronary heart disease is the same as people who never smoked! Your risk of dying in general is also that of a non-smoker.

$16,425 and up

Congratulations on doing something great for your long-term health! There are many benefits to quitting smoking, and your good health is certainly the number-one benefit.

(*) The savings calculation assumes that you smoke 1/2 pack a day at a cost of $6 per pack of tobacco cigarettes!

What to do next

Consider different methods of quitting tobacco cigarettes including electronic cigarettes which have dramatically increased in popularity since 2000. With e-cigarettes you continue to take in nicotine but you quit tobacco and tar. The product has received many positive reviews and testimonials.

An electronic cigarette is a battery powered smoking device delivering nicotine by vaporizing a solution into mist/vapor. Unlike other tobacco alternatives you do continue the actual physical experience of smoking.

Electronic cigarettes consist of a battery, an atomizer (also known as vaporizer), and a cartridge/cartomizer holding the nicotine solution.

When drawing on the device you inhale flavored vapor enriched with nicotine and the LED on the tip of it lights up to simulate a glow.

You can find great information, many consumer reviews, ratings and testimonials at eCigBrandReview.com.

Quit Smoking Timeline Video


760 responses to “Benefits on a Timeline

  1. silentnovelist says:

    Gosh, heart surgery sounds scary, so glad you are doing well. It’s brilliant that you are a non-smoker – must make a huge difference and will help you heal more quickly and get back to feeling fit and well very soon. Lots of best wishes to you for a speedy recovery.

    I’m in the evening of day 3, and all is well. Weird night last night, and some spaced out moments today, but all welcome steps to getting it out of my system. Trying not to think too much, just taking one day at a time. But looking forward to a healthy new life without being a slave to a filthy and expensive addiction.

    • VIRGINIA says:

      silentnovelist just wondering how you’re doing on your journey ? Wishing you luck and it is really nice not to be a slave to the dirty filthy expensive ,socially unacceptable habit ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. justin says:

    Hello I’m on day 80 and feel good!! I sometimes want a cigarette still but ez to stay smoke free as its just a mental fixation now and not a physical craving anymore!! The most courageous thing I’ve done besides getting clean and sober !!

  3. Paul says:

    I just went a DIFFICULT 24 hours… Wheww! “Just hang on man.”

    • justginny1 says:

      Good luck Paul, I have been smoke free for two full years .Just take one day at a time or one minute this timeline helped me so much I can’t tell you how helpful it was. So best wishes and just remember to breathe and each craving will last only 60-120 seconds . If you go back and read the comments you will see it can be done. If you post to the timeline I will reply .

      • matt says:

        OK you people. I think it’s time to try again. Last time around this site really helped. Really sucking wind on the tennis court. Very embarrassing.

      • Paul says:

        Thanks for the reply! I am now over 5 weeks without a smoke… Holy crap i ROCK!!!

  4. justginny1 says:

    That is wonderful Paul keep up the good smoke free life .Congratulation , I will always try to reply this site helped me so much 26 months smoke free ๐Ÿ™‚ for me . Keep up the good work

  5. Mugg says:

    Anyone out there? Day one.

    • justginny1 says:

      Hello Mugg where you on this page before ? This is the best thing you can do for yourself ! I have been smoke free for three years next month. I stay connected to this site because it helped me so much, with the support and advice of others . One day at a time remember it is only a craving and it will pass ,drink plenty of water or tea , plan something nice for yourself once a week or month , do deep breathing ,keep cut up veggies around or salad ,take a walk run or bike. I look back and remember that I thought that I could not live without them seriously .I would think about quitting and smoke even more . Everything you said is true it is a disgusting habit .I was so bad that when a friend who smoked came to visit she went home and quit; because my apartment smelled like an ashtray ! So I wish you good luck . Anytime you write I will answer . If you go back on this page you will see .

    • Patricia says:

      Hello Mugg – I remember you!! I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve been on here. Don’t feel alone – I’ve quit and gone back so many times and am still smoking now!! It is THE hardest thing I’ve ever tried to do, quit smoking. My addiction always finds a way to call me back. I am going to pray for you – glad you reached out. Maybe you can help me to find the willingness to give it up again.

      • Mugg says:

        Hey back at you! Day 3.

      • justginny1 says:

        Hello Patricia I often have wondered about you good to hear from you glad you are still trying ๐Ÿ™‚

      • justginny1 says:

        Patricia and Mugg as I said the thought of just giving it up scared me and if a die hard smoker like me can do ;anyone cant Patricia that you want to is the frist step Mugg how are you doing? I used to plan my life around ciggs When I look back now it is so strange that I truely thought I could not live without them. Now I don’t even think about it maybe once a year the thought pops into my head . I could really go for a smoke right now and then it passes , if I ever started again it would kill me ,Last year I had to have open heart surgery and the Dr said all from smoking , and sometimes that does not stop people .It is a terrible addiction and I wish you both good luck.

      • Patricia says:

        Wow, Ginny, sorry to hear about your surgery. But thrilled to learn you have been smoke-free for so long. That is most excellent news! Hope I can find the willingness again…

      • justginny1 says:

        Patricia I know you will …if first you don’t succeed try try again ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Patricia says:

        Thanks, Ginny. I will keep you posted as to when I’ll get back to giving it my best shot. Unfortunately, I am currently living with another smoker and that makes it a little harder (easier for me to rationalize continuing to smoke – you know us addicts!). But knowing you have three years smoke-free definitely gives me hope! Just keep telling me how much you don’t miss the butts, please!!

      • Mugg says:

        Day 4. Well sort of. Day 1 one CIG. Day 2 one CIG. Day 3. Four cigs. Day four so far zero. I call this progress.

      • Patricia says:

        Well, Mugg, you are certainly making a much better attempt than I am – do it the way you need to…no pressure…

      • justginny1 says:

        I really don’t miss it at all and it doesn’t even smell good to me any more, the first year craved I a ciiggy butt or it smelled so good when I would pass someone smoking. My daughter just said to me I am glad if we go away the room doesn’t have to have a porch . I did not know what she meant at first, even my vacations where planned around smoking ,you know Patricia I was really an addict . It would be really hard to do if you lived with a smoker . One thing that really helped me was remembering it was a craving an urge a moment and it only lasted a few minutes and the it would be over. If I can anyone can

      • Patricia says:

        Thanks, Ginny. It really helps me when you say “if I can do it, you can do it”. You know, yourself, that people saying “you SHOULD quit smoking” usually doesn’t work with us addicts. I swear, it is THE worst addiction. Enjoy another smoke-free day!! Oh my gosh, stay warm up there in NY!!!

      • justginny1 says:

        It is true you remember all our conversations as we where going thru withdrawal together ,it is freezing here and I have had the flu so I will not be going any where. Have a good day.

      • justginny1 says:

        That is great Mugg that is how you take it one day at a time congratulation ! That is how the chantrix let me do it gradually then stop .Mugg are you just doing cold turkey ? Keep going !!!!! Patricia you are thinking about it that is a step in the right direction you both helped me so much when I was quitting ,so I will keep writing and thank you both !

  6. justginny1 says:

    PS I used Chantrix and others used a patch and some people told me that Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking book really helped as well.

  7. Barry Lloyd says:

    I gave up my 30 a day habit on April 1 (Fools Day suitable I thought) I am now on day 4 no real cravings yet. Have tried every method in the past so went cold turkey this time. $10 a day and no pension are my motivator. I have smoked for 43 years I am now 59 I said to my wife I will give up before I am 60 (next month). Now I am annoyed at myself for wasting around 250K in smoke. Any encouragement out there would be most welcome. Yes, I think I must be lucky and have good genes as all that I have had is a bad smokers cough which has now subsided.

    • Patricia says:

      WOW, Barry, loved your post! GOOD FOR YOU, that is awesome and I can so identify (except with the quitting part). You are a miracle – please just keep going. I am jealous when I read posts like yours. I’ve tried quitting so many times and always go back (am currently smoking). Whatever you’re doing, it’s working – so love yourself enough to keep it up. I look forward to more posts from you. Maybe they’ll help me to get motivated again. Patricia

  8. Patricia says:

    Hey, Mugg – you still there??? How ya doin’?

    • Mugg says:

      40 hours

    • mugg says:

      Ok people. Just read through some of these ancient messages. Who knows if this old site still works! So anyway…. Day 40 something, smoke free (May 27). This is so awesome. I am so happy and so are my wife and children, brothers, sister. My sister started crying over the phone. Breathing. Wow. Who knew it could be so much fun. Justginny, Patricia, and the rest of this community, keep up the good work. It’s hard to know where the seeds are going to be sowed which will ultimately help someone.

  9. Derek Chatham says:

    11 days 13 hours and 43 min. It’s still hard. It isn’t making me mad anymore but from time to time I think about it. I just wish I never smoked in the first place.

  10. Michiel says:

    My time has come for more than a week a decided to stop smoking on this date 1 hour ago i think i entering now the difficult times BUT i am very determent to give a big figt i draw up a time line on the bennefits and see if i can make the different targets on my time line wish me all the best here we go wooo wooo

  11. Mugg says:

    50 hours. Morning was OK. Pretty tough right now. Which is why I’m posting here.

  12. Griffin says:

    So my first Independence Day in twelve years with out a cigarette. I’m sneezing. My eyes and nose are itching really bad. But I haven’t coughed and neither has my 2 year old. I just need to find something to do to replace the habit of cigarette to mouth motion. Any suggestions?

  13. Marilyn says:

    Using chantrix, weaned myself down to 4 a day before I stopped all together. Made it much easier. Starting day 3 . So far not bad. Keep up the good work everyone!

  14. Manna Mc says:

    I’m 57 I’ve smoked since I was 12…my son daughter in law and husband have all switched to ecigs 12 months and husband 3 months he had shocking smokers cough so i promised while on relax holiday in portugal i would ive been smoking hand rolling tobacco only 4 or 5 a day and don’t seem to have some related health problems I eat healthy run regular 10ks – I’ve done 4 days with the ecig but I really really want a real one

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